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Conditions of Participation
3rd International Wimpassinger Digital Salon 2024


The salon is open to all photographers. The competition is organized by the photo group SV-Semperit Wimpassing. The competition is processed via the Upload Platform in question and can be accessed via the website https://www.fotogruppewimpassing.at.
Results and the best works will be published on the homepage. Excluded are employees of the organizer.
A) OPEN COLOR (Color digital)
B) OPEN MONOCHROME (Monochrome digital)
C) PHOTO TRAVEL (Color/Mono digital)

D) AI (Color/Mono digital) Any technique is allowed.

Total 52 Awards
Closing date:      10.03.2024
Each participant can submit up to 4 images per topic.  
Image data:
Please submit image files as JPG files. The image size should be 3,840 pixels on the longer side and the file cannot be larger than 12MB per image.

The file designations:     C1 / M1 / T1 / AI1_Name_First name_Image title.

Participants take part in the competition by registering on the Internet via the upload portal with the correct name (upper and lower case letters, matching the file names; double names must be separated in both cases with a hyphen) and the correct address, 
a valid E -Announce your e-mail address, upload pictures (named as specified, whereby the number per category must be incremented from 1 - 4; no spaces between category abbreviation and picture number) and have paid the participation fee correctly.
Participation fee:
The participation fee is $ 6.- per division
All 4 Division $ 20.-

When completing the participation (check-out), please pay the participation fee calculated by the system, depending on the payment method selected.
Payment by bank transfer, PayPal and credit card possible. Immediate account debit can also be realized via PayPal.
Fotogruppe SV Semperit, IBAN AT59 4300 0427 1631 0000 or via PayPal to  fotogruppewimpassing@gmx.at


The jury consists of selected people. The jury reserves the right to award further awards.

Each author can only receive one award in each section.

The decision of the jury is final and irrevocable, appeals are not possible.
Per theme: 1x gold medal, 1x silver medal, 1x bronze medal and diplomas up to 8th place.
Combination: 1x gold medal, 1x silver medal, 1x bronze medal and diplomas up to 8th place.

Result Announcement:
The medal images and a representative cross-section of the accepted works are shown on the homepage.
The list of results for each division can be called up on the homepage

Submitted works may not have been accepted, awarded, or publicly shown in a national competition more than 12 months before the submission deadline. By submitting the image material, the participant agrees to the conditions of participation.
All parts of the image must have been photographed by the respective author himself - except in the AI ​​category, where parts of the image may of course also be generated by the author. became. 
We have introduced our own division in order to create comparable framework conditions.For this reason, please refrain from submitting images in sections C, M and T that were generated using artificial intelligence. 
You are free to use several parts of the image you photographed yourself in these sections, whereby the travel photos (T) retain the original impression of the motif should stay. The authors must own all rights to the submitted works. 
In the event of violations of the law, the organizer is to be held harmless and unclaimed. The participants agree that the submitted works may be used unedited or edited by the photo group SV-Semperit Wimpassing for the announcement of results and reporting.
By registering, all participants agree that the personal and image-related data may be stored and processed by the organizer in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Europe-wide General Data Protection Regulation GDPR. Data will never be used, passed on or even sold for any other purpose.
We are happy to answer any questions at rrath@gmx.at
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